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About Us

So what is Pastel? Pastel brings your favorite foods to your neighborhood — and helps support local restaurants and bakeries. We offer award-winning croissants, modern cakes, freezer dumplings, noodle soup kits, fancy frozen pizza, artisan tortillas, masala chai, and so much more. Our purple vans roll out to convenient pickup locations around the Bay Area, and we’re expanding doorstep delivery.

Pastel was founded by a small business owner during the pandemic. Amanda Nguyen is a former techie and owner of Butter&, known for its buttercream cakes and ethical treatment of employees. Amanda experienced firsthand the challenges of delivery and wanted to launch a better platform. She’s joined by Ted Moran, her fiancé and a former product manager at Uber Eats, and Anh Mai, an Uber Freight and startup vet. Together they understand the delivery landscape from both sides: from the perspective of small businesses to the demands of delivery logistics.

Our mission is to support small and local food businesses by helping them grow beyond their neighborhood and reach more customers. Most of our food makers pay a sustainable 10% commission, unless they prefer another payment structure. That’s in contrast to other delivery apps and wholesalers, which take as much as 30 to 50%. For food makers, it’s a sustainable way to reach more customers. And for customers, it’s a one-stop shop to grab a bag filled with goodies, while feeling great about supporting your favorite restaurants and bakeries.

Small businesses are stronger and customers are happier when we bundle together. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

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