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Meet the Makers

Our platform supports more than 70 food makers, representing small, local, and independent businesses. We like to say “food makers,” because in addition to chefs and bakers, we also include charcuterie pros, kimchi fermenters, jammers, and chocolatiers, as well as master sommeliers, coffee roasters, tea brewers, and more. From star chefs like Belinda of b. patisserie to cool newcomers like Justin of Chiang Beef Noodle, it’s an incredibly talented crew, putting out some of the most delicious food in the Bay.

The process for onboarding new food makers is personal but rigorous. We reach out to makers who we know and love, some critically acclaimed in local news, and others fan favorites in their communities. We respectfully ask if they need help growing beyond their neighborhood and reaching more customers. (We only partner with food makers with their permission.)

We taste and road test everything to make sure the treats are reliably delicious. Our ops team works hard to receive, store, and transport them with care (like strapped in, temperature regulated, buttercream-level care). Most refrigerated items roll out the next day, and most bakery items the same day, so you’re popping that box as fresh as possible. And we pay our makers within seven days, in contrast to the industry standard 30 to 60 days.

Because we work with small food makers, sometimes availability can be limited! Certain makers can only drop off on one day, they may need to take breaks, or they might only have the bandwidth to do the occasional pop-up. Sometimes they exclusively offer certain menu items, because they’re intense about quality. But they’re also endlessly creative, and there are always new menu items and seasonal specials swapping out week to week.

We’re adding new makers all the time! And working hard to reflect the incredible diversity of the Bay Area. If you’re a customer who wants to recommend a maker, drop requests here. If you’re a maker who’s interested in joining the platform, shoot us a note here.

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