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Hey, we’re human, too! Pastel puts people first, and the same way we support small food makers, we also take great care of our own team. Our core team of operations specialists are employees, not contractors, with above-market wages, company ownership, and top-notch benefits. That’s who’s handing over your bag of goodies at our pickup locations, as well as fetching, warehousing, organizing, bagging, and schlepping. And as we test delivery, we’re partnering with a local company, which pays drivers above-market wages.

Our fleet is growing! If you want to work with these fun people, take a peep at any current openings.

Amanda Nguyen, Co-Founder & CEO 🌱

Amanda is the mom of both Butter& and Pastel. A former data analyst who crunched the numbers for the Federal Reserve and Facebook, she quit her tech job in 2017 to start baking full time with Butter&, known for its buttercream cakes and ethical treatment of employees. During the pandemic, together with her fiancé Ted Moran, she founded Pastel as a delivery platform that supports small and local food businesses. Amanda hopes to redefine the title of CEO by leading with curiosity and compassion. A Bay Area native, she grew up in San Jose, and now lives in the Bayview, where she can be found wandering the succulents at Flora Grubb. She has a soft spot for Het Say lap xuong, the sausage packed with duck yolk, which she lightly sears and snacks on like warm salami.

Ted Moran, Co-Founder & COO 🙆🏻‍♂️

Ted is business and life partners with Amanda Nguyen, who's much wiser and therefore CEO. Alongside Amanda, he co-owns Butter&, a designer cake shop in San Francisco whose needs inspired Pastel in the first place. In what feels like another lifetime, he was a product manager at Uber Eats. He lives in the Bayview and loves starting his day with Hedge Coffee.

Anh Mai, Co-Founder & CTO 😂

Anh is building out the fledgling engineering team and making bugs when not in recruiting mode. He strategically chose to live in SF so he and his girlfriend could go running by the water (fun fact: zero running has been achieved thus far). He excels at being unnecessarily loud, sometimes to the dismay of his team. He loves slurping all of the noodles, including but not limited to the Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup from Chiang, the Laksa from Dabao Singapore, and the Ohn No Khao Swe (Burmese Coconut Noodle Soup) from Love Khao Swe.

Chelsea Ancheta, Operations Manager 🤷🏽‍♀️

Chelsea is excited to take Pastel from hanging out in parking lots to a whole new chapter in growth. A full-picture planner, she’s joining the team after eight loyal years with Far West Fungi, where she brought the beloved local mushrooms from retail to farmers markets to events. She lives in Burlingame with her boyfriend and more than a hundred plants (some are small). She has a personal goal to try every single maker on the site, but has a hard time not ordering Pie Society cutie pies every week.

Everton Araujo, Delivery Operations Specialist ☀️

Based in the Inner Sunset, Everton considers it a privilege to go jogging by the California Academy of Sciences a couple times a week. Previously, he took care of customers at Uber and drove for Lyft, and still gives rides from time to time. He loves dreaming at the beach, and lives by a few mottos: Less is more. Energy goes where attention flows. And love is free. Sometimes he has these revelations while feasting on his favorite kouign amann from b. patisserie.

Luiz Castanheira, Junior, Operations Manager 🤯

Hire number five at Pastel, Luiz proudly joined the team after many years of driving and supporting drivers at Uber. A ride-or-die since the beginning, now he coaches the team to get all the orders and vans out right on the road. He lives in Larkspur with a view of the water with his wife and two kids. Originally from Brazil, the whole family loves digging into the feijoada (black bean stew with smoked sausage, pork ribs, and dried beef) from Cafe de Casa.

Becky Duffett, Editorial Director 🐝

Becky is a food writer living in San Francisco. Most recently she was the deputy editor of Eater SF, and her work has appeared in EatingWell, Taste, Healthyish, Epicurious, the Kitchn, SF Magazine, and Edible SF. She lives in a weird old house in Mission Terrace, with the cutest puppy in the world, where they feast on brioche feuilletee and chicken liver pate from Maison Nico, although her British partner would always rather be eating a pie from Mrs Miggins.

Kyle Hittner, Director of Marketing 👀

Swiss-army-knife Kyle hacks a million different things, from throwing parties to producing emails to directing ’toks. Coming from a cool creative agency, regional community bank, and local tourism bureau, across it all, she pushes brands to deliver on aspirations and improve the human experience. A country mouse turned cosmopolitan, she sang for a decade in Nashville before moving out west. She now lives in Dogpatch with two bearded gentlemen, her creative husband and elderly schnauzer poodle, and they brunch on Saltwater French toast and Fatted Calf bacon.

James Huxtable, Delivery Operations Specialist 🕺🏻

Born and raised on a family dairy farm in a tiny "town" in Upstate New York, James moved to the Bay in 1999 and considers himself a true blue Californian. Before Pastel he worked in the music business for many years, managing musicians (aka “herding cats"). In his free time, he plays the drums (badly) and draws (also badly), and collects antique maps and Fillmore concert posters. His fave item on Pastel is the Ohn No Khao Swe from Love Khao Swe (he would bathe in that broth if he could). James lives in SF with his wife, daughter, a black cat, and a pitbull mix.

Wesam Manassra, Senior Software Engineer 😋

Wesam likes to build end-to-end product experiences, solving problems and seeing processes all the way through. He visualized data at Uber and Microsoft before doubling the size of the engineering team when he joined Pastel as tech hire number two. Originally from Palestine, he and his wife now live in Japantown. Wesam definitely makes the best coffee in the office. He buys a bag of Hedge beans every week and enjoys the distinct character of the Saltwater cardamom buns.

Christopher Morewood, Director of Operations 😬

When he’s not walking into a warehouse full of purple vans before dawn on a Saturday morning, Chris abides by the beach in Pacifica with his roommates and their crazy terrier. Originally from Pennsylvania, he earned his undergraduate in telecommunications and MBA from Penn State. He hired, trained, and directed teams at Starbucks and Uber prior to Pastel (and yes, he’s fueled by cold brew). He recommends the quiche from Arsicault or any pudge from batch 22 bakery.

Jenny Nguyen, Maker Ops & Admin 💜

Jenny’s favorite color is purple and her favorite sister is Amanda — two of the many reasons she loves Pastel. Both an introvert and a gemini, her forte is being an expert at nothing while happily juggling everything in the background. Her family of four currently hails from Glen Park, and they cannot live without a stash of Xulo tortillas in the fridge and a bag of Cafe de Casa pão de queijo in the freezer.

Timothy Schmidt, Delivery Operations Specialist

Also known in the electronic music industry as DJ Tokz, Timothy is also an award-nominated DJ and internet radio host. A former chef and caterer, he suffered a traumatic brain injury and has recovered from multiple reconstructive spinal surgeries. A dog lover and a jack of all trades, he enjoys everything life has to offer and hopes what he does helps to make this world a better place for all of us. He lives in the deep fog of the Outer Sunset and takes comfort in the beef Bourguignon from Tarts de Feybesse.

Jenn Trann, Head of Partnerships 🤗

Jenn collaborates closely with all our food makers to boost small businesses. She previously ran ecommerce for several fashion brands, including Lacoste, Puma, and Alexander Wang, so she knows how people like to shop online. But she also loves feeding people, cooking, baking, and bringing treats to family and friends. Sunday morning you’ll find her warming up one of Chris’ cinnamon-latte conchas with a mug of coffee. A recently relocated New Yorker from Queens, now her family won’t stop visiting her in Berkeley.

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