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Our Pickup & Delivery Locations

Pastel serves most of the Bay Area, including San Francisco, the North Bay, East Bay, Peninsula, and South Bay (no Wine Country — yet!). Our routes currently loop through more than 20 pickup locations, we add more spots all the time, and we’re expanding delivery.

We choose pickup locations in residential neighborhoods, conveniently near where you might be running errands already, with plenty of parking. As new friends sign up for Pastel, we keep an eye on the zipcodes flying in and consider testing new satellite spots. The purple vans roll out from our warehouse in the Dogpatch neighborhood in SF.

In addition to our usual pickup locations, we also have a few “partner pickup” locations! Those are locations where we partner with a small business, like a bakery or boba shop, that has a physical storefront. The time windows tend to be longer, and by bringing in foot traffic, it’s another way to support a small business.

Why neighborhood pickup? We’re starting with convenient pickup spots, because we’ve found it’s the most sustainable way to bundle treats and support small businesses. But we know many customers love the full service of doorstep delivery, so we’re expanding our reach there, too.

To choose either pickup or delivery, make sure you’re logged into your Pastel account. In the purple box at the top of your screen, choose pickup or delivery, and browse the full list of locations. And if you want us to come to your neighborhood or workplace, shoot us a note!

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